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Episode 26: What Does "Conscious" Mean? Part 3: Connected

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
February 17, 2021
We've been thinking about connection this week – where to find it, how to create it, and how to foster it. 
Around Valentines Day, we often think of connection in terms of relationship with another – a spouse, a partner, a lover, a friend. There's no doubt that it's important to connect with the people closest to us, but cultivating connection with ourselves is often overlooked and under-appreciated.  In our rush to take care of others, we all too often leave ourselves out.
Valentines Day can be an invitation to include yourself in the mix. In today's episode we explore connection, starting with the idea of self-love. And we talk about how and why conscious leaders cultivate connection with others, too. 
Take a listen to learn more. And please know that we appreciate being connected to you! We invite you to subscribe, comment, and hope you'll share this episode with someone important to you.


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