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Episode 35: Legacy, Collaboration & Unlocking Abundance

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
May 30, 2022
How do you unlock abundance in work and life to really make a difference with your craft?
We've worked with our friends at Beam Suntory on various social purpose strategies and activations for nearly five years, and to be a part of what they've created at their factory and campus is truly special. Four years ago the James B. Beam Distilling company campus was just a set of drawings – now it's a showpiece to both Beam's legacy and their dreams for the future. To say the campus is an upgrade to their prior facility is a major understatement –  beautiful, rustic, accessible, friendly, and hard-working, this is the foundation of the Bourbon Trail and absolutely a must-visit stop.
And, we had the privilege and honor to be part of a guest list to celebrate the opening of the renovated campus! We witnessed firsthand the passing of the torch to Freddie Noe as Beam's 8th Generation Master Distiller and our friend and Beam Senior Director Tom Bufalino be recognized for the major part he played in making this vision a reality.  
As part of their work, Beam has already donated over $5,000,000 to the future of bourbon through the Beam Institute for Kentucky Spirits at UK. We are captivated by their progress, success, and are proud to have been a part of it.
Today’s podcast episode is an uplifting celebration and reflection on the deep seated importance of legacy, connection, and collaboration. We weave through topics such as:
  • Multi-generational connection and trust 
  • Bringing social purpose to spirit companies, and the process in deciding to do so
  • Work founded in fostering conscious, life-long relationships that blend the personal and professional 
  • Executive leadership and collaborative industry
  • Charismatic customer service and craft
  • More about the Bourbon Trail 
  • Artistry of craft and accessiblity to spirit(uality)
  • Authentic expression and ethos
  • More about how Suntory is living their history
  • And the art and value of distilling (beyond just spirits)


We are so grateful for your intrigue and attention as we fill your ears and hearts!

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