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Episode 34: A Story of Resilience & Hope

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
May 5, 2022
How do you know when you know?
How do you listen for that knowing?
And when do you know when to take action?
In today’s episode, we share our own experiences with listening, knowing, and taking action when it comes to practicing conscious parenting. You’ll hear Jennifer's reflections of her son's healing journey with an update of Riley's accomplishments and Jeff's witness of his son's growth. Throughout the sharing, we hope you'll be personally inspired to have more hope and faith on your own path as you listen more acutely to the quiet whispers of intuition and knowing that land for you. 
Enjoy this tender and hopeful conversation that includes: 
  • Gratitude and the impeccability of the divine hand
  • An update on Riley’s healing journey (Jennifer’s son) and how much hope it can bring to others struggling to overcome (see article written about him here)
  • How to listen fully for the knowing that lands
  • The interconnected fabric that we are all a part of
  • How conscious leaders show up and act
  • Our experience of what faith means
  • And, a window into witnessing our children grow and mature as we commit to walk the path as conscious parents. 


We hope you enjoy it and if you like what you hear, please rate, review, and share the podcast. It makes a big difference. 

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