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Episode 46: Self-Care Isn't A Shortcut: How To Truly Replenish Yourself

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
August 4, 2023

Self-care is trendy. It's hard to open your social feed, check your phone, look at your watch, or turn on the television without hearing dozens of messages about the importance of self-care. We're bombarded with it!

But most of the self-care "solutions" feel more like stress hacks than true paths to mindful living. It's great to log your meditation minutes and fantastic that your watch can remind you to breathe, but there's a risk that those kinds of tools actually just become one more thing to do. Self-care isn't a quick fix or a slang shortcut. 

In today's episode, we're fresh from coming off of an extended, restful summer break. Summer vacation has always been a special time to rest, play, and soak up the sun with those we love – a time to get the space, replenishment, and healing we need. But this year, we also used summer break as a mirror to see how busy our non-vacation lives can be. 

It all seemed like the perfect time to contemplate what self-care looks like and why it seems so damn hard to prioritize sometimes. The episode is a fun journey into what works, what doesn't, and how we can each take steps to create space and calm each and every day. 

Among the topics we consider: 

  • Why self-care is more than a hot bath, a quick trip to the yoga studio, or a nice glass of wine – although we love all three of those things!
  • Why bringing your goals to life is the ultimate self-care.
  • Why asking yourself, "Does this serve me?" is actually the path to productivity, not a sign of selfishness – and how in the urge to be selfless rather than selfish, you can undermine yourself. 
  • How practicing "not doing" is as important as practicing "doing."
  • And finally, how the simple question "What is getting in the way of my self-care?" can be the key to unlocking the awareness you need to truly replenish yourself. 
This episode is for you if you've ever found peace, calm, and happiness on your summer vacation, only to lament it all vaporizing away the minute you go back to work! 
We hope you listen and share – and we hope you choose to put yourself first this week. 

Thanks for reading, listening, and sharing this podcast with others. 


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