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Episode 47: Uncertainty Doesn't Have To Be Unsettling

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
August 21, 2023

As back-to-school approaches and summer comes to a close, we're reflecting on how many things in our lives are shifting in mysterious ways. Kids are growing, schedules are changing, and roles are shifting. We find ourselves once again in the territory of uncertainty – unable to clearly see what is about to emerge.

Living in uncertainty can seem very unsettling, but it doesn’t have to be. What if we could trust that whatever is to come will be exactly what we need when we need it most? What if uncertainty was a blank canvas waiting to be painted upon?

In this week's episode of our podcast, Plenty For Everyone, we dive into the art of navigating uncertainty, how to tap into innate intuition, and how to embrace the unknown with patience and openness.

Here are a few of the key takeaways from our conversation:

  • Uncertainty is an opportunity for growth and transformation.  While grappling with uncertainty can be challenging, it is also an opportunity for us to evolve into our most actualized selves. By learning to be comfortable with uncertainty, we can tap into the creative expression that wants to come out while we unlock new opportunities to be more of ourselves.
  • How to create open space to sit with uncertainty. Just as you wouldn't shake your fist in a murky pond to see the bottom more clearly, it's essential to allow space for uncertainty to settle. This can involve meditation, spending time in nature, or setting aside time for quiet contemplation.
  • Break free from biases. Our perception of uncertainty is often shaped by unconscious biases. For example, many people assume uncertainty is always unfavorable. By breaking free from these self-induced biases, we can open ourselves to a world of opportunities and innovation.
  • Recognize the moment of your own knowing. Intuition is the most powerful tool to guide us through uncertain times. By recognizing the cues our bodies send us – a surge of energy or a sense of calm – we can be guided along our paths and more confidently choose what experiences, relationships, and opportunities align with our true selves.
  • Cultivating the practice of patience, stillness, and openness can help us navigate uncertainty with confidence. By embracing the unknown, we manifest our most extraordinary lives.

Listen to the latest episode and leave inspired to navigate uncertainty in the most empowering way!


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