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Growing Into Conscious Leadership with the RKD Group Thinkers Podcast

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
May 3, 2024

Since the launch of our book, we've had the chance to appear on a lot of podcasts and have met some great new people and practitioners as a result.

But the latest episode of the Thinkers Podcast with RKD Group felt different, because Justin McCord and Ronnie Richard have known our work at Plenty for a long time. They have watched us evolve and grow, sometimes with immediate success and other times in fits and starts. 

We really appreciated their interest in how and why we do what we do – and enjoyed the opportunity to roll back down memory lane and reflect on how Plenty's evolution mirrored our own personal growth, and vice versa. 

In the episode, we share a few stories about Plenty's history we rarely discuss:

  • How Plenty evolved from a traditional fundraising consulting firm into a much broader worldview
  • How we reconnected thanks to a mutual friend
  • How we had to navigate resistance within our own firm to grow
  • Why the nonprofit sector needs to create more positive work environments
  • How to develop more fulfilling and impactful experiences

We can't say enough about the time and attention of Justin and and Ronnie. And we can't say how much that Jeff, after watching this episode, realized it was time to get a haircut! Another thing to thank RKD Group for. ;-) 

Tune in as we discuss the importance of being aware, aligned, and intentional and how at the end of the day, conscious leadership, organizational growth, and personal fulfillment are all intertwined.

We hope you tune in wherever you love to listen, and please share!


Check out the full podcast feature and RKD Group Thinkers Podcast's other amazing podcast episodes here.  


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