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How To Clear Your Space at Home and Work

Jennifer Mulholland
June 2, 2022
Not too long ago, one of our clients emailed me upon experiencing Meridian, our strategy retreat, about how to replicate the feeling of HeartSpace into his new home. It's a big compliment when a business executive feels the difference in the space we've created and wants to apply it to their personal life.
This integration is one of our highest hopes for conscious leadership – the idea that you don't live a personal life or a professional one. You live one life. When we can show up fully as the same person everywhere we go, we unlock the potential within. We release the need to carry ourselves one way in one environment and another way in another environment.
During our retreats for conscious leaders, we talk a lot about the power of intention and creating space: space for reflection, space for ideas to come in, sacred space to tune-into spirit (whatever you name that to be), and space for wisdom to emerge. We share how and why we created HeartSpace, and what we do to elevate the energy of your own spaces so that anyone who enters will feel safe, uplifted, and supported for the highest and greatest good. It's something you can do anyplace at anytime.
Here's an excerpt of our email exchange:
"My wife and I are building a home and randomly found ourselves in a conversation around aromatherapy. The discussion made me think of HeartSpace and how every time I walked in I was immediately calmed with the help of feeling and aroma of the space. I know candles and incense were lit but I also remember you shared a story about how you intentionally built out HeartSpace and that you wrote positive words of affirmation on the walls and put essential oils in the paint before you painted the walls. It made me wonder, have you done this in your homes too? And, what oils did you use?"
I loved the question and appreciated being asked. When I was a young girl I was taught to use smudging and essential oils as a form of clearing and setting intention. And, it works! It’s perfect for a new home, and for refreshing and clearing stuck, dense energy from existing environments, whether they be homes, offices, spaces. 


Smudging is an ancient Native American tradition in which you burn sage (white sage, mountain sage or Palo Santo – a cedar type of wood) and use the smoke with your intention to clear, uplift, and bless an area. You can find smudge sticks almost everywhere and they are also easy to make if you live out west.
I recommend opening the windows of the room you want to clear, centering yourself, lighting the smudge stick, and then walking around to the doors and inside perimeter in a clockwise position while setting your intention to bring in positive energy and commanding that any stuck, stagnant, or dense energy leave.
It is helpful to be really intentional about your doorways and what you want that portal to be for your family, friends and guests when they walk through. I do this at every change of season in my home and after I entertain others. We do it every day at HeartSpace and before/after every retreat or workshop.


As for Aromatherapy, it’s similar but different. Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts and oils to create a smell that promotes relaxation, healing and wellbeing. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries for healing treatments, natural remedies and uplifting mentality and mood.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used for aromatherapy, but can also be mixed with paints to help set a more permanent intention in a space. Oils that have love, joy, prosperity, and peace qualities associated with them have higher energy than other types of oils.
Before you paint your walls, you can write positive statements, intentions, desires, and things that bring you joy on the walls in pencil. Then, simply mix into the paint the essential oils that match the vibration you want to bring into your home. Joy, Love, Peace, Healing, Abundance are great ones. You can find these at most major online retailers and health food stores. I’d suggest buying ones that are organic.
Once you move into your space, you can also use essential oils in a diffuser.  Have fun playing with them! Obviously, you can do this in your office or work environment too. There’s no wrong way.

A Checklist

Whether you are moving into a new home or work space, or simply feeling like some area needs a refresh, you can use these techniques to clear out the lower vibrations and welcome in the higher ones. After all, everything is energy – and as human beings we are masters of energy, whether we've been told that or not. There's no right or wrong way to do it – you'll know when you know.
Here's a recap:
  • Buy some sage or palo santo wood to burn.
  • Open your windows.
  • Turn on some peaceful music if that appeals to you.
  • Light your sage or palo santo. Blow on it and let it begin to smoke. You may have to light it a few times during the process.
  • Begin by smudging yourself. Move your hand holding the burning smoke around your body, starting at your feet or at the top of your head and move over your body (front and back).
  • Then, move to your front door. Face outwards and call in your guides, spirit, angels, God, your higher power, nature, divine intelligence, ascended masters, or whatever you believe in. Ask them to help you clean and clear you space.
  • Turn and face your front door and move the smoke in a clockwise direction around all the corners as if you are making a giant rectangle (tracing the outline of your doorway).
  • Open the door and create a circular motion with your hand towards the ground and either go in a clockwise direction (grounding) or a counter-clockwise direction (opening), depending on how you want your guests and family to feel when they enter.
  • Then trace the outline of each room from corner to corner. I love going over the furniture as well, setting the intention to clear the space where each person may sit.
  • Follow your own guidance and allow the smoke to clear away any stuck or dense energy. You may want to spend a little more time in the bathrooms or closets where denser energy can hide.
  • Go to your bedrooms and be sure to spread the smoke over and under your bed.
  • Follow your heart as to where you should go.
  • When you are done, put out the sage stick in soil or un under water. Depending on what scent you use, the smell will linger a bit.
  • Take note of how you feel afterwards and for days to come.

Lastly, think of this as a process rather than a "one and done." The habit of clearing yourself and your space is a wonderful tool for reminding yourself of your own awareness, alignment, and intention. Most of all, enjoy!

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