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Harnessing Your Passion

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
March 14, 2018

What brings you joy? This simple question could be your key to unlocking your potential.

At Lantern, our leadership retreat, we start our exploration of authenticity by asking this question. We are always struck at how seldom many consider their own joy. Joy is a window into what you are most passionate about. And, our belief is that passion drives fulfillment and purpose in work and in life.

Think about it. Do you perform better when you are asked to do a job you love? Or when you are told to do a task you loathe? It's really that simple. 

In this latest video, we discuss the importance of harnessing passion, the unique intelligence within that fuels and informs the impact we seek to make as organizations and individuals. At Plenty, we've put passion at the center of all our models and retreats. It's amazing how this simple, profound insight can help idealists and social good organizations tune into their authenticity to unlock growth.

As you watch this recording, we invite you to ask yourself, "What do I deeply care about? What brings me joy? And, what changes do I need to make to pursue the answer?"

 Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck, Co-Leaders of Plenty discuss the importance of harnessing your passion at the Classy Collaborative in Boston in June 2017.


Ready to follow your joy?

Join us at Lantern in 2018 and make this the year you put your passion into everything you do! 

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