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Possible. Powerful. Profound.

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
July 2, 2018

Possible. Powerful. Profound. 

On June 22, 2018 we completed our seventh class of Lantern, Plenty’s leadership retreat. It is difficult to put into words how inspired we are by our Lantern graduates and how grateful we are to be blessed with the opportunity to learn and grow with them. Like every class, the session was made up of 20 incredible people. They are people just like you — managers, surgeons, directors, parents, volunteers, entrepreneurs, idealists. Each of them brought unique perspectives; each of them willingly and unselfishly shared and listened.

After years of studying and practicing the leadership philosophies of others, when we began to create Lantern we knew we were ready to build our own unique curriculum

We were inspired to help individuals and organizations transform from the inside out. During Lantern we go beyond business stereotypes and help tap into the idealism that we each crave – and that is so needed in our world today. We help attendees clarify their passions, explore their highest possibility, and learn to live into their authentic blueprint. A guiding question is, What are you here to do?

We use the lantern symbol to represent four tenets of leadership:

Lantern_Icon_Blue_circle-1 A leader is a light for others. Leadership is about inspiring the best in others and ourselves. To do that, we need to speak our truth and shine our light. That kind of courage takes practice. It starts with clarifying our own passions – the things we care about and why – and then sharing them with the world. When we follow our passions our fulfillment increases and we live a more authentic life.

Lantern_Icon_Blue_circle-1 The light is always within us. Even in our darkest, most insecure, and fearful moments, we still have everything we need to be leaders. Our light may feel dim at times, but it never goes out. When we look beyond our worries and doubts, we can trust that we are fully prepared to "show up to what shows up." Life will illuminate the right next step we need to take.

Lantern_Icon_Blue_circle-1 We only need to see what is right in front of us. The idea that we can control the world around us – with our words, plans, goals, or actions – is outdated. It's also more than a bit self-involved! Leaders don’t need to know all the answers, and seldom do. Rather, leaders spend time practicing and learning to navigate the unknown, step by step, moment by moment in alignment with one’s beliefs, values and purpose. 

Lantern_Icon_Blue_circle-1 There is a larger light guiding us. Leaders know that there’s a bigger plan. Some call it Fate; others God; others the Universe; others the Divine. Whatever you name it, leaders realizes there are other forces at work. Those forces sometimes communicate to us via insight, intuition, and synchronicity. Leaders polish their intellectual skills, but they are just as willing to follow their instincts, feelings, and heart as they walk in awareness. And leaders are humble in the face of luck, and resolute in the face of unforeseen challenges. 

Using these four basic tenets, the Lantern retreat opens up a new level of inquiry about what the world needs from us – and what we want for ourselves. It's an amazingly deep, authentic, and satisfying journey. Not to mention, incredibly fun. 

Jean Bean, the Senior Director of Marketing & Communications at SenterGroup, and a graduate of our June 2018 class, said:

The best thing about Lantern is getting to step away from the daily grind of life, slow down and think about what really matters. What brings you joy? How can you live a life that fosters your greatest potential? Lantern showed me that the answers are already inside me. I just needed to listen. I'll never forget the friends I made, the beautiful surroundings, and the clarity of purpose I received. I wish I could live the Lantern experience all the time!"

Whatever the roles you play in life – executive, parent, entrepreneur, student, activist, dreamer, doer – you need to invest in yourself in order to grow. Join us at Lantern and illuminate the leader within. 

For more information and to register, visit The world needs you to be your best you. And you deserve it too!







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