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Navigating Life's Transitions with ✨Leading with Light✨: A podcast Interview on Divorce & Beyond (Part 2)

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
April 23, 2024

Recently, we had the privilege of joining Susan Guthrie, Esq. on the Divorce & Beyond Podcast for not one but two incredible episodes. In case you missed Part 1, we explored the triumphs from tough transitions and lessons from our new book, Leading with Light: Choosing Conscious Leadership When You're Ready For More.

We continue our conversation in part two by diving deeper into the Four Lights of Conscious Leadership. Drawing upon our own experiences and insights, we share personal stories and practical advice aimed at anyone navigating an unknown path of transition. We share a couple of our favorite exercises to help you listen to your body's signals telling you when something is on or off and a simple practice you can do every day to grow the relationship with yourself and your soul. 

We hope you tune in wherever you love to listen, and please share! 

Check out the full podcast feature and The Divorce and Beyond Podcast's other amazing podcast episodes here.  


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