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Transforming Divorce into an Opportunity: Insights from Leading with Light on Divorce and Beyond Podcast (Part 1)

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
April 11, 2024

When you are going through a struggle – a problem, a transition, or a full-blown personal crisis – it can be hard to remember that one person’s “transformation” is another person’s “complete mess.” 
In other words, every successful transition you see started in the same messy, uncomfortable place of failure and humiliation that you may find yourself in right now. 

Ending a job, a company or even a relationship usually doesn’t start with a vision of possibility — it starts with a breaking point where you realize that “this can’t continue.” You may not know what comes next, but you know it isn’t this. 

We see the Phoenixes all around us and overlook their piles of ash.

But what we’ve come to know to be true is that the pile of ash at your feet is the same soil that fosters the burst of life you’ve been praying for.

It was wonderful to explore all of this—the triumphs that come from tough transitions—with the incredible Susan Guthrie on The Divorce & Beyond Podcast. We hope the conversation is helpful for everyone going through transition, whether in a relationship with another or simply in your relationship with yourself. And more than that, we hope it reminds you that your wings are waiting to spring forth.

Tune in wherever you love to listen, and please share! And, stay tuned for part two of our conversation later this week! 


Check out the full podcast feature and The Divorce and Beyond Podcast's other amazing podcast episodes here.  



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