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Prayers for Peace

Jennifer Mulholland
May 25, 2022
Dear Light,

Please infuse, surround and heal
the families of children lost.
Comfort them and fill the holes and
broken hearts with your light.
Dear Spirit,
Please help us stop the violence.
Help us see each other as one.
Dissipate the separation and loneliness.
Transform the despair.
Dear Universe,
Please show us that we are all connected.
Make it very clear.
Open our hearts to heal.
Open our hearts to help.
Dear God,
Help us evolve to a state of peaceful being,
individually and collectively.
Show us the path to peace.
Inspire us to reach out, lend a hand, and
be of service to one another.
Dear Ascended Masters,
Come. We need your help.
Please let your lights be known and felt.
Show us the way to love deeply and fully.
Dear Angels,
Please escort these sacred souls
filled with innocence, wonder, and potential
to the light.
Let their spirits be felt to those who loved them most.
Help them soar as they transform from students to teachers.
Dear Source,
Heal us. Help us. Unite us.
In love. In light. In healing. In peace.

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