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A Season of New Beginnings: Spring Equinox 2022

Jennifer Mulholland
March 19, 2022

On Sunday, March 20, 2022, we welcome the Spring Equinox, a season of new beginnings, rebirth, reinvention, and recreation. As day and night stand in equal relationship to one another, we are called to find harmony within the expressions of light and dark.  And when we do that, we open ourselves to receive and be more light. 

The Spring Equinox of 2022 offers us an invitation to allow the natural cycles of growth, beauty, and harmony to emerge without resistance. It's a season that draws in more light and asks us to set our intention for the coming months with more hope, optimism, and alignment to who we really are. It encourages us to up-level our commitment to the world we wish to see – outside ourselves and within, reminding us that we are a part of the whole. It begs us to stop the destructive narrative, the blame and shame, the inner and outer judgment that gets in the way of experiencing love for ourselves, each other, mother earth, and all her life forms.

Now is the time to participate and contribute our gifts, our dreams, our visions to the world we wish to see. 

Take a few minutes to connect with your own germination, knowing that when you do, you create a ripple effect that transmits a new way of being in the world. Listen to our guided meditation, grab a journal and a pen and answer these writing prompts to help you see what is emerging now:

  • My body is yearning for.....
  • My soul is seeking...
  • I am ready to allow myself....
  • I am witnessing...

If you are stuck, here are answers to these same questions from my own journal. I find this process rejuvenating, calming, and helpful to allow me to see what is fresh, now. 

My body is yearning for ... Yoga and gentle moving. Morning runs.  Hugs. Massage. Baths and being.  
My soul is seeking...To express itself through channeling meditation,  nature bathing, outdoor wanders, practicing presence, deep listening, words - spoken and and written, cooking, hiking, being, Goddess time, Family time, Toby time, sacred time. 
I am ready to allow myself....To receive what I give. Love, unconditional acceptance, presence, care, and kindness.
I am witnessing...How easy it is to place our worth outside of ourselves. And yet, when we shift our focus from outside to within we see more, feel more, and know more of who we really are. Each moment is an invitation to unconditionally love our own light and be the light we wish to see."

May the Spring Equinox refresh, revitalize, and renew you to be who you really are. 

Spring Equinox Meditation

Spring Equinox Meditation

Find a comfortable space and enjoy this free guided meditation to help release what no longer serves you as you grow into spring.


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