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The Invitation to Unsubscribe: Finding What's Essential For You

Jennifer Mulholland
April 2, 2020

Last night, I sat at my kitchen counter top with my laptop and a delicious glass of white wine. I began to make room.  

I sifted and sorted through my email that had grown in length and weight over the past two weeks. I began to delete and unsubscribe. Anything that felt like clutter, noise, and non essential, I escorted out of my inbox. I created space.

And, it felt so good.

It’s amazing to see what builds up over time. Full closets with clothes that are hardly worn, cluttered drawers, sports equipment, camping equipment, books I've saved for umpteen years, Christmas decorations, and other stuff that just makes for a garage that requires constant re-organization. Busy mind, busy body, stressful thinking, worry, fear. It’s all clutter. It’s all noise.

Just like “unsubscribing” to emails in the inbox, we can make room. We must make room. We must detach and disconnect from old ways, old thinking, old habits, old clothes and old roles that just don’t fit us any longer. Like our Shelter-in-Place orders that require only “essential travel" to three places: grocery store, pharmacy, or the doctor.

What is absolutely essential in your life right now?

When we clear the space, we make room for new insights -- new ideas, and new inspiration to come forth. We become lighter and free. We become open vessels for our truest nature to shine forth. We become the blank canvas for which we can create the life we want to live. As creative human beings, so much is possible.

As we create space for ourselves, we will be able to breathe more easily. We will be able to move more effortlessly. We will be able to hear more accurately. We will be able to see more clearly. We will be able to BE more fully.

Take a moment today to reflect on the areas in your life that are inviting you to unsubscribe.

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