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The Plenty Team
May 12, 2019

This past week we were thrilled to host Kristi Bullock and Todd Van Buskirk, graduates of Plenty's Lantern Leadership Retreat, in wonderful conversation about what Lantern is, who it is for, and how it makes a difference.

We could write pages about what Lantern means to us and what it means to our graduates, but we'd rather just have you watch the video! 




Lantern is leadership for life. You don't need any special background, credentials, title, or degree to qualify to attend. And you don't need any prerequisite level of experience to benefit from it. If your life is full and you feel happy and content, come to Lantern and let us help you let go to enjoy it even more. And if you're in transition, ready for something more, or just plain lost, we'll help you find your light – and shine it.  

Kristi spoke about not knowing exactly what to expect coming into the session:

I went in expecting that I was going to find out what to do, and it turned out where I left finding who I want to be. Lantern truly gave me a new perspective: following curiosity and joy, leading to passion and purpose, in a nice gentle matter. My leadership skills are just exponentially growing, because I'm finding that authentic me. I'm finding out who I want to be, and aligning my life purpose with it. The leadership skills for my own life, personally and professionally, are just growing and growing."

Todd shared similar thoughts, describing Lantern as a place to get in touch with who he is, personally and professionally, at a deeper level.

Lantern became an opportunity to stop, to remove myself from the chaos of work and the demands of life to create a safe space to go deep. Sometimes going deep can be risky. The one thing I really enjoyed about Lantern was being amongst other people who were yearning to be authentic."

Our graduates are just like you. They arrive at Lantern asking questions about their satisfaction and purpose. They leave finding deeper connection to themselves and the world around them, with renewed confidence to re-invent themselves in whatever way feels best. As Kristi described,

I think Lantern is suitable for probably any type that wants to come through your doors. All are welcome and it's so fun to see all the different people and how they blend and support each other. Everybody's like-minded. It's a fantastic group."

Listen to the webinar and hear why Lantern is perfect for you. Our June and October classes are open now. We're ready – and so are you!


Lantern is calling you.

Find your way, reclaim your truth, and shine your light. You are ready, and so are we!

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