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We Are The Ones We Are Looking For

Jennifer Mulholland
April 6, 2016

We are very fortunate to be alive during this time of deep human transformation. We are literally living through a global “shift” – a shift in the way we know ourselves, a shift in the way we treat each other, a shift in the world as we know it.

Some say we are living through an unprecedented time in history where we have a choice to “breakdown or breakthrough.” We are being given an open invitation to connect heart-to-heart as we express our authentic selves and muster the courage to share those unique gifts and desires into the world. Invitations to speak up, extend a helping hand, offer kindness, and stand-up for what we believe are all around. We are being asked to explore how we are contributing to a better world.

Around every corner, we are being shown the extreme polarities of viewpoints and scarcity in thinking. Separation, competition, hierarchical structures, domination, and control are giving way – they are no longer sustainable and they seem more ludicrous than ever before. It is time to question the brainwashing, programing, and dumbing down that the media is spewing. The messages are toxic and keep us stuck in the old way of relating to each other that only perpetuates the idea that we are separate.


The external noise, fanaticism, and drama has muddied the waters of truth. It’s hard to hear and even more challenging to sort out. What we know to be true for ourselves lies beneath the surface. Now, more than ever, we are being asked to turn our attention there by becoming aware of how we feel. When you listen to the news, the horrific reports of human beings at their worst, when you listen to presidential debates and the reports of the hierarchical systems crumbling, how do you feel? Do you get triggered? Do you want to engage in the debate? Do you want to tune out? Do you feel happy or sad?

One of my favorite questions to ask to illuminate the wisdom that lies beneath the surface is this:

“Am I feeling contracted or expanded?”

If I notice that I am feeling contracted (my body is tense and tight and I want to close or cross my arms), I stop. I turn off what I am watching or listening to. I do not pursue that interaction. If I am feeling expanded, open and interested, I follow and engage with it, whatever that “it” is. This leaning towards or away from something has become an incredible tool to help me navigate what to pursue and what to leave behind. It’s seriously that simple. Our bodies respond to the innate intelligence within our hearts that knows what is best. Try it for yourself! Next time you have a question about anything, whether it be in reference to a business decision, a career move, a relationship, a conversation or simply watching the news, ask yourself: “Am I feeling contracted or expanded?” Then follow the advice from within.

The better world we seek is waiting for us to change it – not politicians, not bosses, not others. We are the ones we have been looking for. We have the answers within ourselves – our hearts and minds, that are waiting to be heard to bring our best selves to one another. The work begins within.

Our potential is waiting to be tapped. We must turn our focus inward rather than outward. We must stop blaming, shaming, and judging others. We must stop waiting to be rescued. We must become aware of the role we are playing in the circumstances and experiences we attract. It is time to trust the wisdom that is bubbling up within us – the quiet voice that whispers “this way” or the insight that grabs our attention like a light being turned on for the first time. There are many ways to participate in the shift from separation to wholeness, competition to cooperation, and hierarchy to harmony. Here are some simple ideas you can implement on your own:

1. Pay Attention

Notice the synchronicities and follow where they are leading you. Imagine they are sign posts on your own yellow brick road, guiding you to your best self. Notice them, follow them and track them. Take note of how incredibly supported you are.

2. Consciously Breathe

Take 5 minutes each day to simply focus on your breath, the life force and creation of your existence. Focus on breathing in light and love, and exhale any thought or memory that is creating tension.

girl-field3. Connect To Nature

Take a walk, exercise outdoors, notice the leaves shimmering on a tree, walk barefoot in the grass, watch the clouds pass by, listen to the birds and activate your senses as you tune into the natural melody of beauty all around.

4. Write 

Express your reflections, thoughts, emotions and ideas in a journal. An easy way to begin or to get back in the habit is to take three minutes at bedtime and write down what you are grateful for.  A wonderful book that has many powerful questions to inspire your reflection and support your transformation is The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte. If you enjoy technology, there is a handy journal app called Day One with built-in security that easily syncs to all of your devices to make daily writing a breeze.

5. Practice Presence

Bring your awareness into the moment with everything and everyone. This takes a lot of practice, so be gentle with yourself. Bring your full attention to whatever you are doing at that moment – a conversation, a task, or activity. Observe your thoughts drift to the past or future or to some other topic. Practice bringing your full attention back to the moment – here and now. What do you notice? What do you hear? What do you see? What do you feel? Activating awareness of your senses in the moment is one of the easiest ways to practice presence, a gift you give everyone you meet.

The shift is upon us and the new world that we imagine is waiting for us to co-create it. We are the ones we are looking for. Your voice is needed. Your actions are wanted. Your unique talents and dreams are necessary to create the world we seek. We’d love to help you realize this, more than ever before.

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