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What Renews You?

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
May 11, 2022
Spring is here! Each morning we're waking to birdsongs, blooming flowers, and buds on tree branches. 
We hear the sounds of spring in the voices of our clients, too. The spirit of renewal has been alive and present in our conversations, workshops, and client presentations over the past several weeks.
Whether it was working with the Council on Foundations to take a fresh look at how they support their members, working with Ambassador and former US Senator Max Baucus on a new long-term strategy for his nonprofit institute, or talking with our coaching clients about rediscovering joy, renewal – both organizationally and individually – is in the air.
You'll see us lean into the theme of renewal all month on our blog, on our podcast, and on social media. 
Often, we think of "renewal" as something we do to rehab old furniture or distressed antiques. But to re-NEW something is to see it for its fundamental essence – to remember the fresh and new that is always within it.
When we look within, renewal isn't about salvaging what is nearly depleted in ourselves. Rather, renewal is about responding to the invitations for regeneration that are all around. 

We will use renewal to answer the invitation of spring as we share ideas for revitalized thinking, tools for setting fresh intention, and contemplations to help you connect with what really matters.
Ultimately, as we renew ourselves we commit to the fundamental aliveness – the core spirit of life – that always exists within us. 
Yes! We'll take more of that! 
What renews you? 

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