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What Works For Me? Part 1: Relationship with Body

Jennifer Mulholland
April 3, 2018

I have a body but I am not my body. I have a mind but I am not my mind. I have thoughts but those thoughts are not me. I choose which thoughts I want to make manifest in the world.

This realization came to me when I left my body in 1997. At age twenty five, I had a life changing out-of-body experience that left me completely mystified. I will write and share about that at another time but suffice it to say, the experience transformed the way I view my body, mind, and spirit.

Whether you have had a profound, life-altering experience or not,  you already know what works for you. You've experimented, dieted, traveled, searched and along that path you've discovered what doesn't work as much as what does. This experimentation of life with failures and successes brings us the self-realization we seek. The challenge is this: we are so conditioned to look outside of ourselves for the answers and we are more comfortable being told what to do rather than turn within and reflect on what we know to be true for ourselves. 

Your innate wisdom wants you to listen, learn and remember what works for you.

In this three-part blog series, I intend to share my self-discovered nuggets of wisdom gained after decades of  seeking, searching, and training with different lifestyle choices, eating regimes, diets, modalities and healing therapies. This is what my wisdom wants me to remember as I seek to be in right relationship with my body, mind and spirit. 

Regardless of where you are on your life journey, you know what works for you. The question is, are you listening? Are you following those quiet whispers that guide you to try new things? Are you doing the things that already work for you?

If you need support discovering your own truths, join us at our upcoming wellbeing retreat called, Lumeria. We've designed it with our wisdom to help you activate your own. 

Here's what works for me as it relates to nourishing my physical self. What works for you?

Relationship with Body

  • Drinking water with lemon upon rising.
  • Taking a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning and at night. This helps regulate my digestion and helps create alkalinity in my system, along with a ton of other benefits.
  • Enjoying a Bullet Proof Coffee with Bullet Proof Brain Octaine Oil, coconut milk and Kerigold grass fed butter in my morning coffee. This helps get healthy fats into my system first which feeds my brain. 
  • Intermittent Fasting. A few days a week I will eat meals between 11am-7pm, skipping breakfast and allowing my body to have a 12-14 hour rest in digestion. The health benefits are increasingly surprising as more and more research shows this to be one of the best ways to regulate blood sugar and increase your longevity. Here's a great guide with more information! 
  • Eating according to my blood type, A+. That means more vegetables and lean protein with limited dairy, carbs and sugar. Dr. Dadamo was a friend of my grandmother's and from an early age this eating method was introduced to me. The effects still remain effective and my body thrives when I eat according to my blood-type.
  • Eating according to my Ayurvedic Dosha. I was introduced to Ayurvedic medicine years ago and was lucky enough to find a local practitioner, Maggie Koblasova, who led me through a week of education, care and enjoyment of food that was prepared specifically for Pitta, my Ayurvedic dosha. It was one of the best weeks of self-care I have had and it led me to feeling really wonderful.
  • Choosing organic or grass-fed whenever I can.
  • Taking probiotics, digestive enzymes, Vitamin D, Fish Oil and a few other concoctions on a daily basis.
  • Taking Counter Attack. Whenever I feel the slightest cold coming on or notice my kiddos coming down with something, we all take Counter Attack. It is packed with vitamins and seems to kick-out most colds that attempt to come our way.
  • Using homeopathic remedies to start my day. I have about 30 different bottles from Woodland Essence that map to different chakras and intentions. They are liquid drops that have no taste, made out of the flower, tree, and plant essences.
  • Getting a vitamin IV. When I feel run down, depleted, spent from travel or needing to boost my immune system around flu season, I love getting a vitamin IV — a dose of B-12, C, D, and other nutrients that takes about 30 minutes to go right into my blood stream. 
  • Getting a Vitamin B shot. Most often, I don’t realize I am as stressed as my body thinks it is. I absolutely love what I get to do professionally and personally, as it is a dream come true. However, that doesn’t matter to my cortisol levels and adrenals. When I am feeling run down, I turn to a vitamin B shot to help me physically cope with the demands I am placing upon my body and mind to help equalize my energy and calm my system.
  • Using Bach Remedy. If I need assistance de-stressing or going to sleep, I spray this natural homeopathic remedy three times into my mouth. I’ve been doing this for decades and now pass on this method to my children, as my mom did with me.  I’ve found it really calming.
  • Acupuncture. There is really nothing like this ancient Chinese healing method that calms my adrenal system and restores my natural healing capabilities better. The baby needles that are placed on my Meridian's (energy pathways in the body, also named for our Strategic Planning Process), help to revitalize and restore stagnant energy or depletion. There are many benefits of acupuncture and I treasure any session I can schedule.
  • Float Pod. After several days in the air or on the road, I long for a float pod session at Park City Float.  Floating occurs in a high density epsom salt pod. Gravity free, I give my body and mind a time-out to drift off in and out of a meditative and dream state while my muscles deeply relax from the magnesium in the body temperature water. 
  • Massage. After four knee surgeries from playing collegiate lacrosse and field hockey, skiing and other athletic adventures, my IT bands and neck get incredibly tight with stress. Deep tissue massage from Align Spa helps me release the tension I unconsciously hold and is one of my most favorite forms of self-care.
  • Sleeping with a Castor Oil Pack. This ancient remedy was first discovered by Edgar Cayce, the sleeping psychic, who used this modality to cure people from all kinds of diseases and cancers. This method helps to detoxify the blood as it circulates throughout the body and I’ve found it really works. When I feel off, run down or PMS’ing, I put a Castor Oil pack on my belly, with a heating pad over it. I pour cold-pressed castor-oil onto a piece of wool flannel, place that on my abdomen and cover it with a plastic bag. Then, I wrap myself in an old towel and put a heating pad on top. It is incredible how soothing and relaxing this method is.
  • Dry Skin Brushing. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and is often our closest defense not only against environmental toxins but also a truth teller as to what is going on inside of our body. Dry skin brushing is an Ayurvedic method that has become more common in every day home use. Research shows this daily habit has has a ton of health benefits ranging from helping your body to detox, to refreshing your skin to supporting the natural function of your digestion. I love this practice before I get in the shower or bath, when I remember! 
  • Tongue Scraping. Yes, it sounds funky and weird, but it works. Tongue scraping helps detoxify and cleanse our mouths and our bodies. 
  • Enjoying a drink. A delicious glass of wine or cocktail, especially  Tequila on the rocks with lime and salt or Cruzan Single Barrel Rum on the rocks (purely crafted by one of our beloved clients), Titos and Lacroix or a yummy glass of Meomi or Conundrum are my favs.
  • Yoga. I love yoga. It helps me restore my body, quiet my mind and connect me to my spirit. There’s nothing like a downward dog or a head stand to help me feel my inner and outer strength. In Park City, we are blessed with many yoga studios. I am an early riser and enjoy going to the 6am class at Tadasana to start my day when I am not on the road.
  • Running outside in nature on a trail or on the road with my Hokka’s on. They make it possible for me to run pain free post four knee surgeries. I love listening to my music mixes that take me back to the 80's and 90's as I soak in the beauty all around. 
  • Skiing. Whether its alpine, nordic or tele, I love the feeling of flowing through snow and I am very fortunate to live within five-miles of Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley, two world-class ski resorts.  As I get older, my heart expands with happiness ripping down the hill with my family and girlfriends or solo with myself in the woods on my skate skis.
  • BeauCo. We are really fortunate to have a fun fitness collective in Park City that not only kicks your ass, but makes you sing to the awesome tunes and smile with the community that shows up. I start and end my week at 6am with a forty-five minute HIIT workout led by Lindsay or Whit and always leave sweaty and happy.
  • Sun. It runs in my family's lineage to worship the sun (and the moon). I get my dose of sunshine and natural form of Vitamin D living an active lifestyle in the mountain community of Park City, Utah and there is nothing better then soaking in the rays as it rises or sets, wherever I am. 
  • Swimming. Whether it's at our cabin in Rangeley Lake, Maine or at some beautiful beach in Hawaii, clear water cleanses, nourishes and brings me back to flow.
  • Bath-time. After a long day or before a long trip, I turn on the fireplace in my bedroom, pour Epsom salts into the water and enjoy Jen time.
  • Beauty. Some of my favorite go-to products that I use daily are Mim's Amazing Magic oil for my face,  All Natural Charcoal toothpaste for whitening my teeth (yes, your teeth turn black but it really works), Rhodan & Fields Lash Boost that one of my dear friends, Karen Van Valkenburgh has turned me on to. It has significantly increased the growth of my eye-lashes that astonishes me. And,  Juice Beauty  a favorite product line that I use for my SPF foundation and face cleansing. 

Phew. That's a list! And, it's likely not even close to what works for me. You see, so much works, and it changes over time. We just need to orient our focus inside and out to that mind-set.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on what works for you? Your wisdom knows. Please share in the comments below or on our Plenty Facebook page and keep your eyes out for the second part of this series on relationship with mind. 

Discover what works for YOU!

Join us at Lumeria, Plenty's wellbeing retreat, and strengthen your relationship with body, mind and spirit. 


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