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Beyond Profit: The Importance of Having a Personal Purpose

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
June 16, 2022
We had a wonderful opportunity to talk with Ken Beaulieu, who hosts the rather lovely Beyond Profit Podcast. Ken is the director of the Center for Brand Purpose at the Association of National Advertisers. He works to help companies large and small express purpose through their work. Our kind of guy!
We had a deep and immersive conversation with Ken about what we do at Plenty, and specifically the connection between personal conscious leadership and an organization's deeper purpose. It's a topic we love and talk about daily – but what was interesting to us was that Ken told us in all of his work, this is the first time he's heard someone speak about the connection between personal values and the values of a company.
We are always happy to make this point, because in our experience the connection between personal values and organizational values is perhaps the most important driver to culture, performance, and growth. After all, an organization is a collection of people – so if an organization's values don't align with the values of the people who make it up, the tensions and problems that result can become massive.
The old method of trying to address this was, not surprisingly, patronizing and hierarchical – the company executives would create "company values" and ask everyone to align to them. Well, think about it: do you care more about what you personally value, or do you care more about what someone else tells you to value?
The top-down approach is crumbling, and thankfully there's a better way: Ask the people within the organizational what matters to each of them; find areas of alignment within those values; and then surface and distill the most salient points. Using that approach – which is what we do in our services like Compass and Meridian – can quickly create a vibrant, resilient culture that everybody supports because everybody helped build it. 
It sounds like heady stuff, but it is really about leading from the heart! And it's a great listen for your next meandering walk or thoughtful drive. You can find the podcast on Spotify or by visiting the link here

You'll hear us share more about: 

  • Why we feel wellbeing is a fundamental key to a purpose-driven organization.
  • What defines a conscious leader.
  • The importance of being led by conscious leaders.
  • The experience and perspective of our Lantern Retreat graduates.
  • Generational levels of awareness.
  • Why it's critical for leaders to clarify what they truly care about before tackling purpose initiatives.
  • What Plenty retreats provide for executives.
  • The impact of your relationship with the financial standing of your organization.
  • Advice for brands that want to take a stance on an issue.
  • And more!

Click here to listen! 

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