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Episode 45: How to Align Your Team and Yourself

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
June 29, 2023

On today's episode of Plenty For Everyone, we dive further into the topic of alignment for conscious leaders. Earlier this week, we wrote about alignment and why it matters in creating conscious culture. In this episode, we go deeper to share our personal experiences with creating alignment and the challenges we've encountered when striving to align ourselves with our values and the essence of our businesses.

One of the main themes you'll hear is the idea that maintaining alignment is a continuous practice. Like everything on the journey of conscious leadership, alignment requires ongoing intention and self-reflection. It would be great if alignment were a permanent state of being that, once achieved, never lapsed. But alas, we aren't wired to work that way! Part of the joy of work and life is that we get to continue to define who and how we want to be. That isn't always easy – but the rewards can be tremendous.

Despite its importance, alignment is often neglected in today's business world. We like to think of it as a river. When we are in sync, flowing with the current, alignment comes naturally. But when we get out of the flow, whether through an ill-advised decision or something unexpected that knocks us off, we might need to make a conscious effort to realign ourselves.

As we've written before, for leaders of organizations, creating safe spaces where team members can express their authentic thoughts and ideas is crucial. True alignment is not synonymous with agreement but rather with finding common ground and committing to a higher purpose.

In the same way, it's important to note that alignment isn't the same as compromise. In a compromise, everyone feels like they have sacrificed something. Instead, true alignment often results in everyone feeling that they have created something greater than the sum of the parts. 

Alignment conversations can be challenging, especially if open and honest discussion hasn't been a regular practice in an organization. Active listening, open sharing, and collaborative co-creation are essential. Vulnerability plays a key role, too – and as leaders, modeling a safe and supportive environment is the first step towards creating one. Incorporating activities that encourage presence – like taking breaks from technology and going for walks during team meetings – can encourage contemplation, provide perspective, and foster the trust you need to align around what matters.

We hope you'll tune in to take part in this lively exchange about the transformative power of alignment in leadership and its positive impact on individuals, teams, and organizations. 

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