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A Conscious Leader Is Aware, Aligned, and Intentional

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
June 15, 2022
The world is calling us to lead ourselves and others in a different way. The old system of win-at-all-cost achievement, top-down management, and hierarchical power hasn't worked. It isn't sustainable. Fortunately, that paradigm is giving way to another, more constructive, more caring, and more collaborative model: conscious leadership.
At Plenty, we've made an intentional decision to work with conscious leaders – which begs the question, "What is conscious leadership?"
A conscious leader is aware, aligned, and intentional in their work and life. 


At a fundamental level, a conscious leader is aware. Awareness starts with presence. When we are present, we are more aware. When we are aware, we hear more, see more and sense more. As we increase our awareness, we are more capable of noticing the subtleties of work and life – the quiet whispers within as well as the sights, sounds, and signs around us that guide our way. 

This heightened ability of awareness allows us to take in more and connect more dots. When we do this, we become more empowered to co-create with others as well as with the guiding force inside and outside of ourselves. Awareness helps us become more in tune with what and how things work for us what we are great at, where we lean in, and where we lean out. 

The conscious leader can see and sense opportunities that others can’t. The conscious leader isn’t carried away into drama, stress, and false crisis, but rather has an ability to “see what is” without story or judgment. Conscious leaders know when and why to step back, how to listen, and when to act.   
Ask yourself this question: “Am I sleep walking through life or am I actually alert and awake to what is happening?” For a lot of us, this awareness can take decades to cultivate. But when you’ve tuned into awareness, you’re 90% of the way to conscious leadership.


When we are aware, we are more deeply connected to ourselves. We become more attuned to what works for us, what lights us up, and what brings us joy. When we know that, we can lead from the inside out — the most powerful place of alignment. 
Awareness leads to alignment. In other words, once we are present to our lives, we can ask, "Does this work for me?" Conscious leaders align their lives with their deepest calling and help others do the same. When we are aligned to our truth and our purpose, we can align with those we lead in a more awakened, intentional, and empowered way. 


Once we are aware and aligned, we can be more intentional with our choices. We shift into making conscious choices that are aligned with the awareness of who we want to be and what is needed from the people we love and lead
An aware, aligned, and intentional leader brings their whole self to everything they do. After all, we don’t life“professional” and “personal” lives. We live one life.  Conscious leaders trust their intuition. The conscious leader knows when things feel on or off - they choose what works for them. They lean into what brings them joy; they step away from what contracts them. 
As we become more intentional, we can become more trusting, too. We can drop the need to try to control, manage, and force everything in our lives. We can see the difference between grinding through goals and purposeful living. We don’t give up the journey, but we become content with letting the current of life guide us
As we become aware, aligned with that awareness, and more intentional about our decisions, we step into conscious leadership. We seek out purpose in our work and actions. That in turn elevates our consciousness and further drives our purpose.
As we bring others into that virtuous cycle, a world of abundance emerges where we will feel more whole and complete in who we are,  why we are here, and how we can serve.

Lead Your Most Fulfilling Life

Leading with Light will help you become more aware of what works for you, more aligned with your soul’s deepest calling, and more intentional in your choices.

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