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Episode 18: The Inside-Out Approach To Strategy

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
October 15, 2020

In today's episode of our podcast, Plenty for Everyone, we take a look at the role of passion in strategy.

It's widely accepted that a sustainable, scalable future for your organization comes from finding innovative ways to serve the needs of your constituents. Cultivating an outward-orientation is a key driver of growth. 

But that outward-facing view is only a part of success. Growth also comes from creating an internal environment and culture to succeed – from what exists inside of you and your team. In other words, from your heart. 

In a world driven by metrics, measures, and goals, your passion is the unquantifiable differentiator to your organization's success. Your passion is what unleashes a contagious, inspiring, and connective force for good. 

Join us as we dive in with Mike Ziener, Executive Director of the Illinois state chapter of the American Cancer Society, to discuss the inside-out approach to strategy, and why passion and wellbeing are key levers of growth for their team to fund the cure to cancer. 


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Conscious Conversations With Leaders Like YouMichael Ziener is the Executive Director of the state of Illinois for the American Cancer Society (ACS). Mike's goal is to increase awareness of the ACS mission and programs and grow meaningful partnerships throughout the state in support of the Society’s mission to save more lives from cancer.

Most recently, Mike served as the Director of Philanthropy at ACS. He holds an Executive Master of Nonprofit Administration degree from the University of Notre Dame.

As a conscious leader and navy veteran, Mike believes in the power of working together and being stronger together. He focuses on the "we" and our collective talents. 

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