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Episode 49: Can We Ever Really Lose Who We Are?

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
October 20, 2023

In this week's episode of Plenty for Everyone, we have another deep conversation - shocker, we know! Yeah – it's totally out of character for us to share a deep discussion of awareness, insight, and the nature of thought, but it's true. 😉

Just kidding! It's the kind of juicy conversation we love! This week's discussion is inspired by our September session of Lantern II, our annual reunion for graduates of Lantern. We had a magical week with these humans and conscious leaders who have now become good friends of ours (and each other). It's a treasured gift to know these people and be trusted to hold space for their growth year after year.

During this episode, we share an anecdote that catalyzes our conversation: one of our attendees remarked that she felt she had lost her intuition. How, she asked us, could she find her way back to the gift she had when she was a child?

We use her comment as the launching pad for an exploration of whether any of us can really "lose" our gifts or innate qualities. Can our wellbeing vanish? Can our intuition abandon us? Can we drop our inner wisdom like we might drop a coin out of our pocket?

Or is it more likely that the things we think we lost are simply waiting for us, perhaps behind our thinking or everyday chatter and stress?

It's a conscious conversation about transformation and change, and the opportunity to reclaim who we really are and who we've always been.  

Some highlights include:

  • How Lantern helps participants grow consciously, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally to lead themselves and others in a more aware and aligned way.
  • Our gratitude for the transformation we witnessed in individuals and the group during the retreat.
  • The power of creating space for meaningful conversations and personal reflection.
  • How to reconnect with your intuition. 
  • The idea that everything needed for transformation is already within us like the oak tree has everything it needs to grow in the acorn. 
  • A further exploration of one of our favorite topics: goals versus intention. Goals are helpful, but living with intention and presence in the moment is equally important.
  • Trusting that what we seek is seeking us and acknowledging divine timing can alleviate the pressures of constant striving and performing, leading to a more peaceful approach to life.

It's true – we love deep conversations like this, and we love people like you who listen! We hope this week's episode will help you try taking your hands off the wheel and allowing the journey to unfold naturally. You deserve that and more! 

Thanks for listening, and as always, thanks for subscribing, reviewing, and sharing the podcast.

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