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Episode 48: The Truth in Transition

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
September 6, 2023

Have you ever felt happy and sad at the same time?  Have you ever felt fullness combined with a sense of loss?

Inspired by the recent departure of our kids to college, in this week's episode, we discuss the incredible capacity we have to feel a full spectrum of emotions at once. 

When we feel sad or lonely or anxious, it's tempting to try to talk ourselves out of those feelings or replace them with something more positive. But what if sadness, loneliness, and anxiousness are, in their own way, positive? We're made to feel feelings for a reason.  Feelings come and go, but we often limit ourselves to thinking that some emotions are better than others or that we need to feel this or that. 

As powerful as they are, we are not our feelings. Our feelings give us the experience of being alive. We're designed to feel a full range of emotions (energy in motion) daily. Can you imagine how bland your life would be if you could only laugh and not cry? Or cry and not laugh?  

In this episode of Plenty For Everyone: The Podcast For Conscious Leaders, we explore this idea as we undergo the transition of one phase to another. Some highlights include:

  • Exploring the ability to feel contradictory emotions simultaneously – and how to find your own sense of emotional balance.
  • The difference between conscious leadership and positive psychology in handling emotions – and how conscious leadership can usher you to a new sense of being.
  • Embracing positive and negative emotions as an essential practice of the human growth school – and how to let go of the need to control our emotional state.

It's another juicy conversation! And a timely one for us – and we hope you as well. 


Thanks for reading, listening, and sharing this podcast with others. 



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