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Full Moon Flight

Jennifer Mulholland
July 14, 2022
I awake early at 5 am not able to return to sleep. The rhythm of the pitter patter upon our metal roof begins to slow down as the rain subsides. I get up to a quiet cabin as my mom and daughter are still in dreamland. The forest begins to awaken with chirps, birdsong, and squawking crows in the distance. The lake is still and amplifies the loon's call downwind.
I put on a pot of coffee in the glass kettle we've had for as long as I can remember. It's a slow process of making coffee and mimics the pace here in the Maine woods. Everything is slower and it helps me slow down, too. Whether it's hand washing every dish or going to the well to pump our drinking water, or waiting for the coffee to boil, or driving to the dump to get rid of our garbage and recycles, or going to the coin-powered laundromat in town, I am forced to reacquaint with the less modern days of past. The older I get, the more I cherish them and see the impeccable gifts that help me become more still and present.
The full super moon rose over the lake last night testing every bit of my patience and dedication to the light as the mosquitos and gnats fed off my exposed skin while I waited on the dock. It was worth every bite. Like a huge, round, orange spotlight, the full super moon in Capricorn rose over the mountains and behind the clouds bringing me deeper hope and inspiration for what is and what is to come. I could hear people down the lake and on the water pronouncing out loud, "The Moon" and it brought me a deep sense of happiness to hear the joy in other humans as they too witness such a natural spectacle.
Just as it rose, I called my mom and Hads down to the dock. In between photo taking, I noticed a huge bird coming at us and I knew instantly what it was. A large Bald Eagle flew about ten feet over our heads. I had seen it an hour before down lake and just as it got really close (almost too close) I began acknowledging it's presence with my voice while it soared over. As soon as I did, it turned almost as if it hadn't noticed us until I spoke. I know that could not possibly be the case (or could it?). The great Bald Eagle, the highest natural symbol of Spirit in Animal Medicine flying over and into our awareness under the light of the full moon. A symbol of leadership, authority, wisdom, and vision. A symbol of the connection between heaven to earth and the greater force we are all a part of. A symbol of freedom to fly to new heights and follow the joy in soaring with the currents. I thanked it for visiting me three times - one in my dreams the other night, once on our earlier boat ride, and now over my head to the light of the rising moon. A blessing to behold.
Since I was about ten years old, I've been taught to notice the symbols all around. Nature speaks and has lessons to teach us, if we pay attention. This is the Native American way of navigating, connecting and listening to life. This is also one of the elements of being a conscious leader: being aware.
When an animal flies or appears into my awareness, I pay attention and get curious as to what message the messenger has for me. Sometimes, I know right away or sometimes I need to do a quick Google search on what it means. For example, with the Eagle, if I didn't know or needed more information, I would type in, "What is the spiritual meaning of eagle?" If I sit with the meaning for just a few moments, I can hear the wisdom on offer. It's an easy practice to get into and I highly encourage you to give it a try.
Here are the questions of inquiry that bubble up in my mind and heart to explore today thanks to the eagle's visitation:
  • What areas of my life can I embody my natural leadership abilities more authentically?
  • What currents can I ride and follow that will bring me joy?
  • What do I see when I soar beyond the noise, distractions, and details?
  • When I focus my attention, what do I observe?
Not surprisingly, these questions are also rooted and aligned with the meaning of this particular full super moon in Capricorn. You see, it's all connected. We are all connected. And, if we pay more attention to the symbols all around, we will expand our awareness and see the majesty and magic that connect all living things.
Full Moon - Small

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