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Help for the Bahamas

The Plenty Team
September 4, 2019

We are writing today to urge you to join us in pledging your support to help the people of the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

The Plenty team has long cherished the Caribbean. The beauty of its sparkling waters and endless beaches is surpassed only by the wonderful way of its people. To travel there is to leave a piece of your heart in paradise, waiting for your return.

Several years ago we directly engaged in building the infrastructure and resilience of the region far beyond tourism and relaxation. Through our work with Cruzan Rum we established the Island Spirit Fund to provide short-term relief and long-term recovery on St. Croix following Hurricane Maria.

In our work to raise over $2 million (and counting) for St. Croix, we became acquainted with the region in new ways. Our appreciation for the people deepened beyond measure. Our understanding of the many ways support is needed grew dramatically as well. 

As we write this it is the morning of Wednesday, September 4th. The Red Cross has just reported that 45% of structures on Grand Bahama have been completely destroyed. Nearly 99% of the residents need some form of assistance.

If you've traveled anywhere in the Caribbean, you may not have had the chance to travel beyond the beaches and the resorts. You may not know the austere conditions that are common for most of the citizens. You may not know that without your help, thousands of people will suffer – as happened recently and tragically in Puerto Rico, one of America's own Caribbean islands. 

Many of Plenty's clients and partners are already actively engaged in relief efforts. We urge you to support one of these organizations, today. Your part matters.

Thank you.

If you represent a nonprofit that isn't listed and would like to be, please feel free to email us and we'll gladly add you. 

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