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You've Arrived - A Message from the Eclipse

Jennifer Mulholland
April 8, 2024
What if the place you want to be is only a choice away?
Could it be that easy to simply choose to be where you want to be?
I had this awareness on my yoga mat in class the other day. When I was focused on transitioning from Downward Dog to Plank, sweating my ass off in a 95-degree room with 40 other beautiful humans, a new thought dropped into my awareness. What if the higher state of vibration, awakening, and being that I've been working towards becoming my whole life could be here now?
  • What if I didn't have to do more work on myself to become it?
  • What if I didn't need to create anything more to earn it?
  • What if I didn't need to release more to make room for it?
Could it be this easy?
At that moment, I felt a huge opening in my awareness, and a sense of peace and power overcame me as I followed the class cues and moved to the beat of the music. The state of being I so desired to embody was always available - and it was always only one choice, one breath, and one decision away.
Now, I can't really describe what this higher state is—it's more of a feeling of being. It's the state of being we all have access to that is uniquely harmonized with the fullness of our light and inner potential. It's a dimension of frequency—a vibratory energy field that emanates from the inside out. It's allowing that state of infinite possibility to shine without effort. It's being in alignment with the vibration of who we are.
Now, all those concepts are the foundation of what I write about with my co-author, Jeff Shuck, in our new book, Leading with Light. And yet, this insight touched the depth of my soul and brought our writings and teachings to bear even more personally.
The next day, doing my morning ritual of picking an Oracle card, I was in awe of the lesson of what I drew. As I shuffled the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck by one of my favorite teachers and colleagues, Alanna Fairchild, a beautiful story concretized my awareness.
There is an old story that the sun and wind were debating about who was more powerful. After boasting about their prowess, they made a wager. A man walked down the street with a coat on. The wind and the sun decided that whoever could force the coat off the man was the most powerful. It blew and blew and caught underneath the coat, pulling it and nearly ripping it right off the man! But the man wrapped his coat around himself more tightly to protect himself against the force of the wind. Eventually, perhaps, temporarily out of puff, the wind gave up. The sun took over. He shone down, becoming brighter and brighter until the man slipped off his coat, slung it over his shoulder, and walked down the street - quite possibly wondering what was happening with the weather that day. The wind attempted to do by force what the sun could do by being."
I write this on the morning of the Solar Eclipse that is gracing the United States today in phases of totality. It will not do so again in North America for another twenty years. I had the privilege to see the total solar eclipse in 2017 when I ventured up to Idaho with friends, my mom, and my children. We stood in a meadow on a warm sunny day and felt a palpable shift in the air, the light, and the frequency of the planet as the moon moved in front of the sun. The temperature dropped at least twenty degrees, the silence was deafening, and I will never forget how clear, shiny, and mystical everything became. It was a natural phenomenon that was so epic - it instantly changed my perception of the possible. It was as if my dream of experiencing heaven on earth was now.
Eclipses are known to be the great changers and manifestors. A portal to other dimensions, the sun (masculine) and moon (feminine) become one. They are known to be invitations of ascension, whatever you believe that to be.
So, on this auspicious and powerful day when millions of people are gathering to watch the celestial spectacle, why not step into the state of your highest becoming?

  • Why not choose who you want to be and be it now?
  • Why not channel your energy and intention for a better world of peace, harmony, oneness, and abundance for all?
  • Why not allow yourself to leap into a new dimension of being by becoming that vibration at this very moment? 
Remember, wherever we place our attention, we grow. Whatever we feed, we form. You have the power to choose today.

The state of yearning, wishing, and healing is here. The world that you seek is in you. Choose to be it.

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