Invocation Of Light: A Summer Solstice Meditation

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June 13, 2023

The longest day and the shortest night is upon us! Welcome to the Summer Solstice!

The light shines brightly into creation, illuminating our presence and invigorating our essence. A new cycle begins as the light grows and feeds what wants to emerge. 

Join us as we invoke the energies of the solstice to pause and drop into the calling of our soul.  Close your eyes and settle into this guided meditation as we plant our seeds for what we want to manifest during this powerful time.



Welcome to the energies of the summer solstice, where we take a moment to stop, to slow down and tune in. 

Thank you for being here. 

Together we gather individually and collectively as we celebrate the longest day and the shortest night in the northern hemisphere. 

So wherever this finds you, just get comfortable and give yourself permission to relax.

To let go. To open. 

Join me as I close my eyes to tune inward, using sight to see and sense what's there. 

The energies of the summer solstice. Invite us to pause – to look within ourselves, our being, as we drop in to our soul. 

Just take a moment to notice your breath – without changing it. Simply observe where it extends, where it contracts. 

This beautiful gift of life we've been given today to literally breathe forth our essence. 

And then with intention, extend your inhale breathing in the light that is offered during this time of nature's cycles 
where we begin to open into summer, 
where the light grows and the light feeds. 

And then just allow your breath to release in its exhale, in its own time, dropping your shoulders and allowing you to sink into whatever space you reside in. 

Taking a few moments to just quietly breathe in the light that you are and exhale any tension, stickiness. Stress. 

Allow the energy of Mother Earth to find you. 

Maybe your breath meets the space of the floor, where the earth rises to meet you, sending your energy downward as she draws upward to you. 

And then maybe you imagine, like I love to do, the tree of knowledge or wisdom, like in Avatar. Its roots rise to meet your legs as it connects you to the earth. 

Grounding you.
Drawing you inward.
Drawing you downward, into the darkness of the soil. 

Allow yourself to be drawn downward. Your energy releases as you begin to let go, to surrender into the belly of the earth, the center of the fertile soil, with all of its micronutrients that can mulch and transmute anything you give to her. 

Allow the vines and the root systems to connect to your legs through the bottom of your feet.

With this grand invitation to surrender, to give forth anything you may be ready to offer. 

Maybe it's tension. Discomfort. Dis-ease.

Maybe it's control and the wanting to know how it plays out. 

Maybe it's sorrow or sadness. Edginess.

Whatever it is that may be in your way or that you may be ready to release now, just offer it to her as she draws it forth to transform. 

To digest. 
To mulch for it is her fertile seed that she needs to grow. 

Just feel the connection of the roots drawing you downward, grounding you into the center of Mother Earth. 

And in this cool soil that surrounds you, you feel warm inside. 
You feel a glow of the light within you. 
And you begin to notice that your inner light begins to rise. 

As you bring intention and attention onto the seeds that you wish to plant on this summer solstice Eve. 

The seeds of your heart. The seeds of your soul. 

And then you notice that the sun begins to rise within you. 

Bringing forth light to what you plant, what you desire, what you want to bring forth now. 

Maybe it's simply a feeling or maybe it's a vision. Maybe it's clear. Maybe it's murky. 

Whatever it is that you desire, allow the light to bring it to form. Planting your seeds in this fertile soil. 

And then you feel the light begin to grow from below to around you. 

As the light above you begins to meet the rays shining forth from your heart space. 

Your shoulders begin to expand. 

You begin to open as you bathe in your own light. 


And then in this space of glowing light, just ask for what you need at this phase of your life. This turning point. 

What wants to come forth? What wants to come in? 

Ask your Higher Self, or the higher light that guides you, whatever you name that to be, to help you now. 

To support you. To protect you. 
To inspire you to keep carrying on.
Step by step. Choice by choice. 

And you feel the light begin to rise even further and extend even farther. 

You are in the light. 
You are of the light. 
You will express the light. 

And you can repeat this mantra a few times to yourself. I am in the light. I am of the light. I will express the light. 

I am in the light. I am of the light. I will express the light. 

I am in the light. I am of the light. I will express the light. 

And then tuning back to your breath, feeling your feet rooted and connected to the center of the earth. 

Feeling your essence expanded with any part of the light that you are. 

Bringing attention back to your breath. 
Noticing your inhale and exhale. 

And just feeling what it feels like to be back in your body, on this beautiful turning point of the summer solstice. 

When you're ready, you can gently wiggle your toes and fingers. Maybe roll your shoulders back. 

And come back to waking space, whenever you're ready. 

The light in me honors the light in you. Namaste. 

Words channeled by Jennifer Mulholland. Music written by Jeff Shuck. Produced by Plenty Consulting, Inc.

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