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Channeled and written by Jennifer Mulholland, music by Jeff Shuck. 
Beauty calls.
"Notice me,” she whispers. 
“I am here.
 I am all around.
I am in the rays of the rising sun
and in the oxygen of the air.
I am in the scent of the growing grass
and in the grand.
I am in the birds that sing 
and in the blossoms of spring. 
I am in the shadows
and in the storms. 
I am in the rainforests
and in the rainbows.
I am in the deserts
and in the dirt.
I am in the sand
and in the sky.
I am in the dark
and in the light.
I am in the sparkles
and the fright.
I am in the turmoil
and in the trenches.
I am in the confusion
and the care.
I am in the virus
and the vigil.
I am in the hospitals
and your home.
I am in the search
and the surrender.
I am in the loss
and in life.
I am in you.
I am outside of you.
I am here. 
I am you.
Notice me.” 

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