Sweet Tender Light Meditation

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November 9, 2021


Words by 
Jennifer Mulholland and music by Jeff Shuck.

We take a moment today to stop, to pause, to breathe, to be.

Find a comfortable position with your spine straight, hands open, shoulders relaxed, supported and comfortable, as you join me in closing your eyes to tune into our essence, our light, our inspiration, and our blessings of this day.

How lucky we are to be awake aware and alive in this auspicious time in history. We walk through the unfolding and during this time of the great shift.

Take a moment to breathe in the blessings that you've been given today.

Your breath.
Your vitality.
Your health.
Your shelter.
Your relationships.
Your connections.
Your ideas.
Your knowing.
Your are truth.
Your joy.

As you bring awareness to these blessings, feel your beautiful inner smile take over from the inside out. Feel your smile come across your face. It opens your heart to receive all that is good and it helps you see all that is good within you - all that is right and good in the world. We orient our focus there.

Today, we feel this inner expansion. We feel our gentle smile take over. We feel the smile occupy our organs, our cells, and our eyes as if they're smiling too. We feel our ears open to hear. We experience our left and right lobes of our brains join in union in this beautiful smile - the intuitive and the intellect.

Our smile expands and calms us, opening us to receive more things to be grateful for, and more things to be joyful about.

We imagine that our brain is filled with this beautiful golden light lit within. It's soft and sweet and it quiets our brain and our mind.

As we calm, we trust. As we open, we see.

This golden light guides us to trust what we know to be true. We feel the tender warm glow from within and it softens our gaze. It helps us hear the whispers of truth and opens our heart to compassion and understanding.

This soft, warm glow emanates out into our whole body and being, melting the stress, melting the tension. We loosen our grip.

We allow ourselves to surrender into the sweetness of life - as if we are honey bees pollinating and sucking the nectar out of the beautiful flowers in bloom. One by one, we nourish ourselves with the sweet taste of life, spreading joy, spreading goodness, and spreading our beautiful smile to all those in need.

This golden light illuminates our inner smile and sets the path and the tone for the day to come.

Feel yourself glowing in sweet nectar, sweet golden honey light:

Soft and supple.
Open and graceful.
Smart and wise.
Powerful and empowered.
True to you.

And, in this beautiful joy-filled, sweet space, take a moment to ask for what you need.

Help is on its way.

If you need more support ask for it now. If you need healing, ask for that too.

You are not alone. You are right where you need to be. Everything is unfolding in perfect divine order.

Taking a few deep breaths, inhale this soft tiny sweet golden light - feeling your smile take over, brightening your path and showing you the way, brightening up the world, and making it a better place to be.

When you're ready, and in your own time you can wiggle your fingers and toes and gently come back.

Have a beautiful day.

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